Top 5 Ways Of Earning Money Online


Many people are earning hundreds even thousands of dollars monthly from Internet by doing little tasks for a few hours. They have made a handsome lifestyle. Online earning is good for those people who don’t have a job currently or have spare time after job on daily basis. Once you know all available methods and the guide about them, for how it works then you can definitely be among the above mentioned people.

Internet is a good thing for free people to earn money online from different methods. In this Post i will show you the Top 5 ways of earning money from internet just sitting at your home and doing stuff just for few minutes or hours. Depending on Your Passion or amount of money you wanna earn, you can work daily from a few minutes to many hours.
Online earning is not difficult, if you have passion to do something then you can definitely do it.


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Things to be remembered.

Every site claiming that they can give you a good amount of money in exchange of a few hour’s work cannot be legit. There are Plenty of Scams currently in Online world.They can scam you after getting work from you for months.


Therefore first of all try to find the perfect Site for doing online work. You can Google about the respective site to check if its legit or scam. You can also ask the experts for their reviews about the respective site, they will surely give you best ideas.

Okay Now i m going to explain a few methods which can give you Good experience and also better amount as your monthly salary.


1.Affiliate Marketing:

Earning money by simply referring people towards right products. The products about which you have special knowledge and think are useful for people, refer your audience and followers to those products using a special referral link given to you by that company or authority whose product you are recommending. In this way the more you refer the more you will earn.


Many companies Online are giving you the opportunity to share their products with your friends, followers or your own clients with the special referral links which have been given to you by that specific company. They will give you a share from the sales which they have made through your referrals.  You can find many Organizations or companies which are giving such opportunities. Mostly online stores provide you such programs. 

2.Building a website and selling ads.(Blogging)

Second Best way for earning online money is Blogging, means Building your own website and selling ads on it. You have to create a website first. Then make a beautiful template of your site, and furnish it with well written and amazing Posts. There are some popular sites which gives you the opportunity to create and host your blog free with them. and are two Big companies providing you free hosting and custom domain. You can create a free blog with them. They also provide many beautiful pre-made themes which you can use and make the look of your blog more attractive.

The contents written on your website or blog should be unique, well written and should not be copied from other blogs. Only then you can apply for a google adsense account.


Google Adsense shows ads on your blogs and gives you money in return. The more visitors to your website or blog means the more people will see the ads. And hence chances of clicking on ads increases and you will get more amount in your adsense account. So always write such articles and posts which will attract visitors to your blog.

3. Youtube Monetization:

Another mostly used method for earning money online is Youtube Monetization. Plenty of users are earning huge amount of money from youtube. They are earning thousands of dollars monthly from youtube.

Earning from youtube is easy from all above mentioned methods. You have to upload videos there, youtube will show ads on your videos and will pay you in return.

  • You simply have to create a account on youtube.
  • Then create a channel.
  • Go to settings, then click on monetization tab and enable monetization.
  • After enabling Monetization, youtube will redirect you to adsense signup page. Signup with Google adsense.
  • The next step is to upload videos. The more views on your videos means the more chances of people clicking on the ads shown on your videos, and the more you will be paid from youtube.

Things to be noticed:

You have to create account from a supported country like USA. Youtube is not providing monetization programs in many countries.

The videos which you will upload on youtube should be yours or made by you. Youtube doesnt let you monetize copy right videos or stuff which belongs to someone else. They may suspend your channel on repeated Copy right violation.

Self-Clicks and Self-Views on videos should be prevented. Youtube may detect unusual activities and may disable your account.


4. PTC (Paid to click).

Another awesome way of earning online money is PTC. Means you will get paid for clicking ads.
There are many websites which offer money for clicking ads.There are free and premium accounts. Premium accounts give more money than free accounts.
There are many offers which give you 0.01 to 0.05$ per ad.
According to this ratio if you work approximately 1 to 2 hours per day then you will be able to earn a handsome amount per month…

There are plenty of online websites which are just providing scam on the name of PTC. you should always get better opinion from experts or always search on Google before working on any site.



5. Online Surveys:

Online surveys are another great way of earning online money. Just sit at your home and watch surveys online for 1 or 2 hours.

There are many sites which offer you to watch different surveys and in return they give you a handsome amount of money. Surveys could be of different types, depending on current situation of your country or environment or they could be related to some international events.

Some Websites give you a referral link to redirect more people for their surveys. The more people taking part in their surveys through your reference the more you will earn. But in this method of payment also you should be careful of scams.




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