How to Run Android Applications and Games on PC

If you are looking to play android applications and games on your PC with less effort then you are at right place. BlueStacks is currently the best way to run Android Applications on Windows.


Bluestacks is actually a an application developed for Windows platform, which provides a full functional environment for running all type of android games and applications on your PC. It actually provides a full functional virtual android operating system installed on your windows machine, giving you the ability of using Google Play Store.

You can download applications and games from Google Play Store using the WiFi Connection of your PC. The best part of it is that it doesn’t replaces your windows operating system, instead it runs android Applications within windows acting as a virtual machine.

  • Blustacks Works Perfect on windows 8.1,8,7 as long as the following requirements are met.
    1. You must be an Administrator on your PC.
    2. 2GB of RAM is required for proper functioning of BlueStacks.
    3. Your PC must have 4GB of disk storage. it is mostly used to store data of games and applications.

Download the BlueStacks offline installer from the link below:

Download BlueStacks from Here

After Downloading the installer simply install it and enjoy the great functionality of virtual android os on your Desktop.


it will take a lil time while loading the OS. wait for it to complete setup.

It Gives full access to Play Store and you have no chance of messing side loader applications. BlueStacks manages everything to run everything smoothly without any lagging.


The main screen in BlueStacks with the app categories in it just makes a perfect look as you are using an android tablet or device.


This is how you can run android applications and games on your PC or any windows machine.

Ever wondered if its possible having a full functional android operating System on your PC along with wnidows. (Dual Booting your PC)

yes its Possible. you can install entire android operating system on your PC. Any os from android 2.1 to latest one.

Just follow the guide given in this Article for installing Entire android operating system on your PC.

How to Install Android OS on PC or Laptop


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