How to Get More Followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+


How to Get More Followers?

Every one wants to grow the number of his/her followers. There are number of sites which proudly say that they can increase the numbers of people following you through hacking or kinda cracking. But the reality is that they all are fake and just scams. Increase the number in your followers is Possible but through legal ways.

Websites claiming that they can grow your followers can do it but they will charge a huge amount from you and possibly share your account on some groups or lists which exchange followers. But above 80% of the sites claiming these kinda stuff are fake. They are just here to scam us. So every time before paying to such sites, make sure they are legal and have best reviews from the People used them.

Many Websites Which offer free increase in your number of followers are just Phishing Sites. They trick you and get email address and Password of your Personal Social Account. They can use your account to spread scam, spam and illegal activities. While the others do it just for fun or to earn money through ads which are shown on their websites.

I will suggest you increase your followers through legal ways. I will write down all the Possible Ways of growing your followers on more popular Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Google+.



The reality is that you can get more and more followers by having an awesome impression on others through your posts and By improving your personality through your facebook account.

Here are the Top 10 ways which can increase your followers:

  • Post great posts and contents. Always Post Something according to interest of people, or Post such Content which amuses the People more. This will result in a number of likes and Comments, People will like your Posts and can follow you for Other Amazing Posts.
  •  Always Stay Active and reply to others. Many People may want help from you or just wanna talk to you, and its better to reply them asap. Many Persons Don’t like inactive Persons and unfriend them or unfollow them.
  • Write anything like a professional. Your Posting should be Like a Professional, Your attitude Should show perfectionist from your Posting.
  •  Your profile should look awesome to others and should be attractive. You can make your Profile more attractive by Editing it completely, write best quotes, amazing bio. Describe yourself as a awesome Person.
  •  Make your Posts public so that other people can see it, like it and if they really like it then they can share it with their friends.
  •  If you have a website or a blog then use a widget for others to follow you directly from your Web or blog.
  • Share others posts, so that they will also share your Posts.
  •  Follow other People, so that they follow you.
  • Engage with other people.
  • Join groups and like more pages and stay active on them.


There are Also Some legal Paid Ways of increasing your Followers

  1. Make some special offers so that people get attraction towards your profile.
  2. You can also Boost your posts through facebook legal Boosting option to make many people see your Posts.
  3. Give people what they want through great offers.
  4. Pay other people or page owners so that they share your profile with others to follow you.

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