How to Activate IDM ( Internet Download Manager)



IDM (Internet Download Manager) is a Perfect Downloader for downloading Files, videos and  images of different extensions. IDM is vastly used by a great number of people worldwide. it Provides enhanced ability of speeding up your Downloads, gives a better feature of catching download urls from different Browsers.


IDM has the ability of downloading videos from different video sharing sites, including Youtube, Dailymotion and a lot more others. it can download Compressed Archives, Documents, Pictures, Music and Programs with a enhanced speed then other downloaders.


You Can Add any file extension which you wanna download in the file Type field.

just Click on Options.idm

Then Click On File Types. Add any file extension which You wanna download with IDM and Save it. IDM will then automatically detect any download link from any browser with the file name having respective extension.


How to Download videos From Youtube:


With the help of IDM we can also download videos Directly from youtube. You have to just install IDM extension in your browser then it will automatically detect videos in any page of browser and will popup to download.

How to install IDM extension on browser?

First Open Your browser where you wanna install IDM extension.

Then Click on Extensions Tab.

Now Go to the folder where IDM is currently installed and Search for file named “IDMGCExt.crx”.


Click on the file and drag and drop it to extensions page of your browser which you have opened currently. A pop up will appear to install it.

Install it and you are done. Now every time when you will Open a video page from any site, it will popup to download video from that page. It also gives different quality options. You can download the video in Any Quality.

How to register or reset trial of IDM:


Download IDM_Fake_Fixed.rar from HERE

1.-Open The .rar package and Click Reset (Fixed).exe

2. -To reset the Trial of IDM click on Trial reset Tab and
Reset trial now.

3. -To register IDM click on Register Tab and Register IDM.

You can reset trial of IDM after every 30 days and can enjoy the enhanced functionality and speed up downloads with IDM.
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