How to activate FaceBook Auto Like and Comment Bot:

Here is a simple guide to make a bot site and activate your bot to do auto likes and comments on your fb profile.its important to read all guide and info before using the bot, it will help you using the bot as professionals.Now Just follow the simple guide and enjoy the best bot.


              Q) What is Facebook Auto Comment and Auto like bot?


  • Facebook auto Comment and Auto like bot is actually a script which works as a robot (machine) and does automatic likes and comments on your facebook profile.
  • Different bots are available currently, some of them are only related to auto likes, some do only auto comments on your friends time line or the pages you have liked.
  • Most people use these bots because they want a like or comment on every of their friend’s post, some people use them to make their profile more popular on facebook by having likes and comments on a lot of pages and status.
  • You can also use these bots from your page, in order to promote your page by doing comments on other’s pages posts.
  • So if you are tired of liking and commenting on your friend’s posts then fb bot is a best thing for you to use and enjoying it.


              Q) Is there any disadvantage of using facebook auto comment and auto like bot?


  • Using Fb auto bot helps you in many aspects, but there are some guides and precautionary measures which have to be taken to use this bot.
  • Don’t use cheap bot scripts, because it may block your like or comment activity on facebook, so always use professional bots from professional developers.
  • Set your cron-job to maximum, it helps reducing the chance of facebook to detect unusual activity. never set the cron-job to a few seconds or one minute.
  • Use better hosting which supports cron-jobs, some hosting providers may suspend your account or host after detecting cron-jobs. so using a better host also helps in order to make your bot work forever.


Follow Guide:;

              Here i have provided a Simple bot script, you can use it to see how a bot actually works. Alternatively you can buy best bot scripts from professional bot developers.
You can find the bot scripts from some blogs or google (Many people providing cracks),
but better option is to buy once at a cheap price and enjoy forever.
Now follow this simple guide and enjoy the bot.
  1. Download The bot Script from here. FB_BOT_BY_M_UmAr_kHaN
  2. Extract the Downloaded file on your desktop.
  3. Create A free account on
  4. Sign in to your 1freehosting account.
  5. Go to file manager of your host, click on public_html folder and upload the extracted files there (named as index.php and beranda.php if you are using the bot script downloaded from this page).
  6. Now go to and create a free account there, complete all verification steps.
  7. After completing the verification steps sign in to your account.
  8. Now create a cronjob and write this link there>>> and set the execution time.
  9. You can set the execution time as you want. (execution time is actually the time during which auto likes and comments will be performed, means if you set the execution time to 15 minutes, then after every 15 minute likes and comments will be performed from your profile).
  10. Now go to your 1freehosting site.
  11. first click on allow the app. (To give access to HTC SENSE app to do auto likes and comments).
  12. After That Click on Get Token to get access token. (HTC Sense access token is used by many applications to perform specific action on your timeline. we will also get HTC Sense access token for this bot).
  13. Copy that Access token and paste that into Box (paste Access token here box).
  14. Now click on SAVE.

Thats it you have successfully activated fb bot on your profile. Now enjoy auto likes and comments on your timeline.



while creating cronjob put the execution time to maximum, like 2 or 3 hour.
so fb do not detect unusual activity.



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