Whatsapp will stop working on a few Phones at the end of this year.




Whatsapp is a smartphone messenger used by a vast majority of people to keep in touch with their loved ones.

With the help of whatsapp messenger we can send pictures, videos, text and voice messages to other’s who already have whatsapp installed in their smartPhone.


Whatsapp was released back in 2009, at that time most devices were using operating System offered by Nokia and Blackberry. Almost 70% of the devices at that time were using these operating system. Apple App Store was launched a few weeks before launch of whatsapp Messenger. So at that time Whatsapp was working good for those devices.

But as we can see today, Many devices are using Android Operating System, Apple ios has also played a great role in reducing the usage of Blackberry and Nokia Phones with their Operating System.


Its Time to Upgrade your Phone:


Early in 2016 Facebook bought Whatsapp messenger, they made a lot of changes in it and also made it a perfect messenger for smart phones. They introduced Whatsapp voice and video calls.


Early in this year facebook pulled support for many older phones. They officially announced that “When we started this service back in 2009 then people’s use of mobile devices was too different from today. As we are looking towards our next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the platforms the vast majority of people use.”

To keep getting benefit from the Smart messenger used by billions of people. So people using old devices will have to update their phones or have to  buy new ones. These devices were a perfect part of our Story, but these are not offering those capabilities which are required by our App to increase its features.

This was The official statement posted by Whatsapp team on their official blog.

Later they also updated it and said that

“Some Phones will be supported untill june 30 2017, while the service will be discontinued for others by the end of this year”.


So its time for all to update their devices if they are using an Old device to keep enjoying best features and functions of world’s best messaging app.




Which Operating Systems will be unsupported?


These operating system will not be supported for by whatsapp messenger at the end of this year.

  • IOS 6. (All Apple devices running on ios 6 will no longer be supported by WhatsApp.
  • Android OS 2.1 and 2.2.
  • Windows Phones 7.


Saved untill june 2017:

People having these devices are saved untill june 2017:

  • Blackberry OS.
  • Blackberry 10.
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60.


Which Popular Devices are going to be unsupported?

Many popular devices are said to be unsupported for whatsapp at the end of this year.

Whatsapp will no longer be available for “iPhone 3GS”. People using iPhone 3gs will have to update their devices to latest ones.

Many nokia S40 and Symbian devices will no longer be supported for Whatsapp. like nokia E6, NOKIA 5233, C5-03, NOKIA ASHA 306 and Nokia E 52 will no longer have access to this messenger after june 2017.

Similarly Company is also planning to remove support from Blackberry OS.

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