Remove iCloud Account from Activated iPhone

bannerYou can temporarirly remove iCloud account from your iPhone by following the Simple guide given below. This just temporarily hides the iCloud account from your iPhone. (Setting/iCloud).

Note: This is not a permanent solution to remove icloud or to bypass your iPhone. You may get the account back later when you reset or restore your device.
There is also a permanent solution for this. you have to read the previous article for that.

How it works?

Actually in every ios Appleid and iCloud Account records are stored inside specific directories in specific files, if we delete those files then the iCloud will also be deleted from the iPhone.

But this removal is temporary because actual activation info including iCloud account is stored in Apple servers. if we restore or reset our device later at any time then we will get iCloud account back in our device.


  • An activated iPhone with iCloud account.
  • Your iPhone must be jailbroken.
  • iFile From Cydia.


  • Jailbreak your iPhone. You can find plenty of articles and tutorials for jailbreaking your iPhone. First of all you have to check if a working jailbreak is available for ios or not. if available then you can download the respective application and jailbreak your iPhone just by a few simple clicks.
  • After jailbreak succeeds, its time to do the real stuff. Open Cydia (Cydia is automatically installed when you jailbreak your iPhone.
  • Click on Search tab and Search for “iFile” and install it.
  • Now open iFile and Go to this directory   “/var/mobile/Library/Accounts/ And delete these three files, named Accounts3.sqlite, Accounts3.sqlite-shm and Account3.sqlite-wal





  •  Now Go to This Directory  “/var/mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfiles/”

check the picture below for further clearence.




Now also delete these files named as ClientTruth.plist and CloudConfigurationDetails.plist.




Now its time to reboot your Device. After reboot you can check that there is no iCloud account anymore. (Settings/iCloud)

That’s it, you have successfully removed iCloud account from your iPhone.

 Again: This is not permanent Solution, you might get icloud account back on your device when you reset or restore your device.

This Guide is only for educational purpose. Do not misuse it. Do not Scam others.

Use at your own risk, i do not take any responsibility if you do something wrong and damage your device.


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