How to Install Android OS on PC or Laptop


Dual Boot your PC or Laptop:


You can have great fun installing Android OS on your PC or Laptop. With the release of the Androidx-86 for intel hardware its possible now to install android OS on your Windows machine.
You can install any Android operating system of your choice. AndroidX is providing you almost all operating Systems from Android froyo to latest One.
The best part of this installation is that it doesn’t replace your entire operating system, it is just installed along with windows on your PC giving your PC the ability of Dual Boot.
You can switch to either operating System while turning on your PC. During installation of Android OS, it prompts you to install Grub Bootloader, which gives your PC the power of dual boot.

Why to use Android OS on your PC?

Actually No one would like to install android OS on his/her PC or Laptop if he already have a better operating System for his available hardware.

But many People have some Old Computers with a low RAM and storage, also having poor performance because of an old processor. So its better to use them in some way rather to throw them in garbage.

You can install Android OS on them and you will have a great performance with them, enjoying some amazing android games and applications. The OS provides a perfect android environment.

Another feature of this Operating system is that it also Provides you fully functional Google Play Store. You can use the WFi connection of your device and can download all latest android games and applications from Google Play Store.



  • Android x86 ISO.
  • Rufus.
  • 1 GB Flash Drive.
  • A Computer that is able to boot from Flash Drive


  • Download the Android-x86 ISO file for your Laptop or PC. You can download any version of Android depending on your System.
  • Download Rufus.
  • Make a bootable USB drive with Rufus selecting the ISO file you downloaded earlier.


  • For Froyo – ICS, 2GB
  • For Jelly Bean 4.2 and 4.3, 8GB
  • For KitKat 4.4.2, 10GB
  • Turn on the PC or Laptop and go to Bios setup and Select boot from usb.
  • Now in the up coming window select Install Android x86 to hard drive.
  • Choose the free space or partition or any external storage in which you wish to install the Android operating system.
  •  Continue the installation process and install grub bootloader during installation when it will prompt, as it will dual boot your PC or laptop.
  •  Once the Android-x86 OS is completely installed, reboot the computer.

Setting up Android

After you reboot, it should briefly go into the grub bootloader before going right into Android, You can select any OS (Windows or Freshly installed OS) to boot PC in that OS.Select Android OS. The PC will boot in android mode and you can set it up like you would on any normal phone. 

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You can still enjoy the benefits of Complete Android on your Windows or mac machine Without installing any custom OS.

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