Download Paid Android Apps For Free 2016

There are plenty of worth using paid android applications and games currently on Google Play Store.  Many people want to try them without paying a single penny. Therefore i thought to write an article to get those Amazing applications and games for free for lovers..
There are some amazing Paid Games available on Google Play Store which everyone wanna try on his/her device, but its true many people can’t afford it because the prices are too high.
Have fun while downloading paid android applications and games for free from Google Playstore alternatives. I will try to provide all Possible ways of getting all paid stuff for free for your android platform.


I am going to show you a list of Android PlayStore alternatives from where you can download paid android applications for free.

First and the most used is searching the required applications or game on Google search and including “Cracked” word at the end of it. Google will show you a list of websites provides the required stuff.
Mostly some people need Modded Games and Applications for their devices, and you can find almost mod of every possible game.

So there are some possible App store alternatives which you can use for downloading Paid Apps.

1. – Blackmart

Blackmart is the king of the android Appstores, from where you can download almost all Android paid Apps and games.

Blackmart is a must have PlayStore for all android devices. Apps can also be sorted in order of free or paid.

Download Blackmart from here.

2. – 1MobileMarket

1MobileMarket is another beautifully designed android Playstore which also contains hundreds of free paid apps.

Apps are categorically organized.

Download 1MobileMarket from here.

3. – Mobogenie Market
Download Mobogenie from here.

It is also similiar to 1Mobile Market, and contains hundred of free paid apps for all android devices.


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